About Our Founder

Darren Gan, Managing Director

Every success has a humble beginning. Darren Gan grew up seeing his father go bankrupt and then getting back on his feet again to support the family. His father tenacity and determination had made a huge impact to Darren in his career years later.

After graduating from Malaysian Institute of Art in 2003, Darren worked at Fix Interior Collection where he acquired invaluable experience in interior design, quotation and project management especially the importance of ISO certification.

In 2009, he decided to set up inD’finity Design and personally multi-task from design to client servicing and project management. A year later, he took the next step of having a proper company set-up to expand his business by hiring staff in various responsibilities.

Like all businesses, there are bound to be ups and downs. But with the experience learnt from his father’s tenacity and determination, Darren managed to steer his homegrown company into unchartered waters and even put Malaysia on the global map.

From zero to hero, from 3 clients to a list of blue-chip clients and a string of awards and recognition. inD’finity Design is poised to achieve infinite possibilities now.