Wellous is a Malaysian multi-functional food distributor founded in 2016. The latest property to join their portfolio is an impressive 6,500 sq ft office designed for the next generation of global superstars. It is an energetic and eco-friendly workplace, with different shades of green that are the company colours that further accentuate the eco-friendly environment.

This office is designed for a team of younger individuals. To bring modern aesthetic with a sense of energy, the entire space is decided with combination of raw materials and neutral palette.
A curve-shaped reception counter, curving strip feature backdrop panels to create more welcoming and it is also a way to lead people in.
The lounge area is characterized with darker color shades pairing with few striking colors, and alternating elements such as gold, bronze inlay. The entire space imbues a sense of energy yet understated luxury.
The open working zone is open ceiling which painted black and a striking burnt orange color use as overall open space highlighted and match with different ceiling panel pattern.
A large green elements; hanging plant goes through working space, bring warmth and make the space friendly toward to user. Thus, strip elements, fun circle features, metal wire mesh, texture paint and neutral color palette to lead a striking to this space. Without doubt, these combinations of color shades and elements add a touch of energetic yet youthfulness.

Beyond an average office space, inD’finity’s industrial knack mapped out a whole fresh encounter for afuturistic, globetrotter workspace.
A new world needs new beginning, in purpose for the greater good. The fresh outlook encompasses the repositioning of Boustead Travel Services’ image to better distinguish themselves in the industry. With a fresh design in mind, a positive culture is shaped; it aligns with the company’s recent decision to embrace sustainability, coupled with a touch of greenery.
Incredibly spacious, the layout is articulated with an open space concept, has long sightlines. Working with simple materials, the industrial swing is diverse in bright, fun tones and appealing floor patterns combination.
Starting off with the welcome board, Boustead’s corporate logo in tiffany blue blend with hues of the plywood, concrete panel and metal wire mesh. It turns out that the welcome board space is versatile. On the side, it is a waiting bench cushioned in pop colours. Glancing towards the back, more sittings are designed around it. Namely, the U- and L-shaped configuration, combined with shelves, high seats and an extended long table.
The pantry follows after. Ample enough to cater for a hungry crowd, the space within is bedecked with timber flooring. In that spread, the kitchen space comes in as a package of light preparation, storage, wash and dine on the raw wood bar. Like a blank canvas, the walls are painted giving room for inspirational quotes and a shout-out section for a tightly-knit culture. The world map on the partially plastered, bricked wall is a work of art itself. That reckons the social space.
Nothing makes more of a good impression for a well-lit space like this one. Natural lighting is obtained from its full source through the glass windows and partitions; an ingenious move to boon. Funky to the eyes, the customised lightings comes in variation, expressive for light bulb moments during perplexed situations. An arrival from the foregoing, seasoned workspace, the offbeat world invites fresh perspectives indeed.

Tucked amongst Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, a high living at one of Banyan Tree’s award-winning brands residence is the ultimate key of an urban sanctuary.
Tailor-made for the individual who has achieved an affluent stature in life, this unit is undeniably an urbanite living made on cloud nine where every minute detail is carefully curated to fit the lifestyle of an individual who has a taste for the finer things in life. The suite goes along the conception of such opulence with clean lines and a contemporary design approach. The ambience created is much like an indulged stay waiting after a long day exploring around the city or a business meeting has ended.
The warmth drop of sunlight is like a touch of heaven, exuding its tranquillity within the luxurious vibes. Thus, the designer decided to work with the beautiful summery wood tones which dominates the entire palette. The living space and the home office are positioned on an elevated and curved red elm hand crafted natural timber flooring with UV coating and EO board. A splendid idea, the raised deck not only establishes hierarchy within the space but the play of height certainly creates overlooking views, a memorable picture.
Well, all work and no play makes one a dull person. The living space spreads out, ensuring comfort with the beige couch, ottoman, coffee table, expensive carpet and the various colours of throws adorning break time over a good television show. Keeping up with schedule, delicious food and meals awaits at the stunning sliver platinum marble island that a segment of it is cut, making dine-in gratifying with ardour fellowship.
Utilising the light’s reflective surface, the light-weight shelves designed in tea colour PVD coating stainless steel and corrugated glass hover above the kitchen island. It does not just stop there when the matching glass cabinets stands at the side reveals a collection of exquisite items be it tableware or memorabilia from exotic locales. It is evident from the fine collection of liquor and alcohol that lines the shelves of this cabinet that the homeowner enjoys hosting gathering amongst family, friends,and peers

Opting for a sleek contemporary approach, this high-rise condominium entitled ‘The Haven’ carries a sophisticated aesthetic with multiple grey tones using various materials and textures, including marble as well as ion paint and PU matte spray paint. Injecting an electrifying verve and futuristic aura are the many lines of LED lights while dark-hued wood, especially in veneer form, is incorporated to evoke a warm and cosy atmosphere that still radiates luxe. In fact, these elements are introduced in the front entrance as a teaser of the magnificence inside.
White ceramic tiles span across the open concept floor, brightening up the space to complement the greyscale palette implemented. Recessed ceiling lights create a row of mini spotlights that offer a glowing, futuristic landscape. An enormous U-shaped sectional sofa takes centre stage of the lounge area, placed atop a large carpet reminiscent of an abstract painting with specks of gold. Adding depth and texture is the dark grey marble feature wall ingrained with plumes of smoke-like details.
Simple but elegant, the dining area exudes luxe comfort, courtesy of the white barrel back chairs with grey back cushions, accompanying the rustic but sleek dark wooden table; this is placed next to the black island table made with marble- esque material, repeated in the splashback of the dry kitchen as well as the countertops for the wet kitchen and bathroom for continuity.
The curved corners of the deep wood cabinetry soften both sides of the entry of the walkway space heading towards the bedroom. Speaking of which, the master bedroom goes bold with the incorporation of dark wood and a black colour palette as exemplified by the galaxy-like marble wall and wooden wall panelling, complementing the deep-tone hardwood flooring. However, light greys are introduced to brighten the space through the wall-length upholstered headboard and etc. Mood lighting from the LED lights across the ceiling and above the floating desk imparts a seductive yet relaxing ambiance to this sanctum. Overall, this exquisite home is an impressive work of art to be appreciated by those who lay eyes upon it.

在大都會背景下,生活中的紛雜喧鬧貫穿無數人的心靈,告別一日繁忙後,把餘下的時間回歸暫離塵世羈絆的港灣,置身淡泊净土,尋求内心平靜。如同 inD’finity Design 擘劃的 67 坪(2400 sqft)宅邸,不同深淺的灰階色調以低斂之姿彌漫一室,仿佛走進灰霧之境,任由素雅的灰將居住者溫柔包圍,感受其蘊含的沉穩靜謐,將躁動與焦慮予以安撫。

Established in 2009, Ind’finity Design provides interior design, architecture and lifestyle services in a quality, systematic, cost-efficient and socially responsible manner.
As a fully integrated service provider, they handle all the hassle by providing interior design consultancy, design concept to execution, architectural implementation and project management so you can leave everything to the professionals and rest assured that the job will be well done.
Their long list of certifications and awards put them in an elite class of the most reputable interior design studios in Malaysia. These include the ISO9001 certification, Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2021, Atap Design Awards 2019 & 2020, Doty Designer of the Year 2021, Golden Bull Award 2020, SME 100 Award 2017, Asia Honesty Award 2015, etc.
A boutique interior design house with international capabiity, their have chalked up a reputation for delivering world-class designs beyond their client’s expectations. Notable clients include Boustead Travel Services, Boustead Hotels & Resorts Sdn Bhd, Smoothie Factory, Germany Corporate Company, Myeong Dong Toppoki, Queto Pro by Multinail, Herbalife Malaysia, Greaten Bridge, Wellous Malaysia and thousands of proud home owners across the globe. No client is too big or too small for them.
You can find their designs on majestic display as far as India, Abu Dhabi, Cambodia, Dubai and Oman. Whether it is a residential, commercial, retail or international project, you can count on Ind’finity to turn your dream into a masterpiece.

2022 年里最重要与最有影响力的五行元素是水,也是此年里的财星,因此 年度 之好风水幸运颜色是属水的蓝色。多使用有如天空的蓝色能为激发无数新希望与新 机会以及对未来带来更加正面与积极的期许。在家居或公司的西南与中央部位摆设 主要以蓝色为主的物件,能招来吉气、贵人与财气,帮助全年身心健康、生意兴隆、 旗开得胜。

Having trouble achieving your #dreamhome? That’s pretty common, unfortunately, as translating your idea of the perfect home into reality isn’t easy. Fortunately, the best interior designers in Malaysia can help.
The work of a professional makes all the difference in things like these. The best interior designers can help you craft desirable as well as functional living spaces that can make your home the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

Having difficulty realising your dream home? Fortunately, we have the Best Interior Design Firms in Malaysia here to work with you to turn your dreams into reality!
In situations like this, the work of a professional makes all the difference. The top interior designers can assist you in creating desirable as well as functional living areas that will transform your home into the sanctuary you've always desired.

Are you renting out your unit or planning to live in it? Either way, the design firms on our list can give you the finest condo interior design in Malaysia that suits your specific needs.
From trophy cabinets to gaming rooms, your place can be an extension of your personality when you choose the right designer for the job. So without further ado, here are our favourite firms that can help you achieve the best condo interior design in Malaysia.

Curating a commercial project is no easy task. The goal with these establishments is to create a one of a kind space that embodies the character and craft of the company while ensuring employees and patrons are comfortable. InD’finity Design (M) Sdn Bhd was tasked with just that. The request from their client was to create a unique space that piques the interest of passerby’s as well as designing an effective office space.


Time honoured styles never go out of trend. It is reused over the generations from implementing little touches of class to full-on imitations of that period. Either way, tastefully selected materials and colours are important to deliver that posh atmosphere while maintaining cosy surroundings for everyday living



A ligning with Modern Classic interiors, this residence uses clean light colours in its design that include a metallic, light grey palette dominated by white. Upon entering this high-rise residence, its guest is greeted with modern shoe and display cabinets in white laminates and warm brown wood. It complements the panel moulding on grey textured wall paint and plaster ceiling by giving the narrow space an illusion of larger space.

Within, classic furnishing fills the open planned space. The rich dark grey dining chairs and glossy fibreglass table take centre stage in grounding the lighter tones. The plaster ceiling and built-in cabinet both use a metallic gold strip to accentuate their decorative lines, while the white painted built-in cabinets use hidden warm lights for the golden hue and porcelain marble slabs for the backsplash to perpetuate a posh ambiance.

Classy yet cosy, the spacious living room uses natural lighting to bring out the details in a clean, bright and white atmosphere. Rich grey tones fill this area from its comfortable sofa and woven rug to the curtains, built-in console and display cabinets. Giving classy texture, a large porcelain marble slab is used to make the feature wall with the television as its centre axis. The coffee table merges all the different materials into one with its rounded edges, porcelain laminated top and painted dark grey base with wood laminate. Moving on to total white, the kitchen uses only white laminated built-in cabinets, white porcelain marble backsplash and white cement carpet countertop. In a similar fashion, the designers have used all white built-ins to create a cosy nook for the family’s black electric piano.

The master bedroom is the epitome of modern classic with its textured beige painted walls and plaster decorations. Covered in grey, other hues of the colour is also found on the curtains, heavy leather bed and rugs. Tucked in a corner, metallic gold highlights are used on marble laminated slabs for a truly classic hanging display. Framed in black glass, the wardrobe acts as a modern mirror that reflects the beauty of this space. Walking into the walk-in wardrobe and bathroom is another journey into the modern classic. Beige textured walls are made interesting with different materials. Marble laminates cover the vanity and much of the built-in cabinets here, while the oval hanging mirror softens the edges here. Heavy grey marble is used for the bathroom vanity that holds double porcelain sinks while the large mirrors reflect the rest of this large bathroom. Creating more built-in cabinetry, white laminates and a porcelain marble slab with curvilinear shape is used for added storage. Rich grey tiles cover the floor here right up to the walls of the shower, elongating the space. The second bedroom is simpler in design but just as classy with its beige textured painted walls and built-in white cupboard with modern circular handles.


Taking on a challenge and excelling at it, is an achievement that needs to be lauded as not many people would want to tread on uncharted path. But Darren Gan, took a leap of faith to delve into the world of interior designing and he has definitely made a mark in the industry.

GONE are the days when young adults are asked to pursue academically inclined courses that would set them up for life. these days, more and more people are advocating the need to follow one’s dreams and passion as it gives fulfillment, happiness and contentment – some of the things that money cannot buy. One of the individuals who had gone out on a limb to turn his interest for interior designing into a successful business is Darren Gan, the founder of inD’finity Design who hails from Gemas, Johor Bahru.

Hailing from a small town, though Darren’s knowledge on interior designing was limited, so he made up his mind to equip himself with the knowledge as he was intrigued with the Interior Designing industry. He enrolled in the Malaysian Institute of Art and after years of learning, unlearning, and re-learning, Darren founded his interior design firm in 2009. Fast forward to the present, inD’finity is today backed by a team of young, passionate and committed designers who aspire to transform and innovate the global design industry.

Slightly more than a decade being in this industry, inD’finity Design is a firm that focuses on both residential and commercial projects where Darren in his role as project consultant works with his team to bring the ideation to life. Not one to box his company and team, Darren doesn’t encourage the firm to have a signature style but prefers to make their client’s dream designs come true as such amongst their highly successful projects are the open concept office for Boustead Travel.

This concept maximizes space use while creating a physically and mentally comforting modern workplace where employees can perform and function at their best, and customers can relax and browse their dream tour destinations. This special design has debunked the normal perception of boring offices. All in all, this interior design stimulates creativity, collaboration and communication; increases productivity; reduces stress and anxiety; and speaks strongly of the corporate identity of Boustead Travel Service Sdn Bhd.

A Whimsical


Showcasing a perfect balance of fun and functionality,
this office has an atmosphere that promotes collaboration,
communication and feelings of comfort.

Enlisted to give this Boustead Travel Services office a new look as part of its efforts to better distinguish itself in its industry, the inD’finity Design team took into account all of their client’s requirements before proceeding. The new appearance had to not only reflect the company’s culture but also have an open-desk system, provide more seating freedom and be compatible with the company’s recent decision to embrace sustainability. As a result, the new layout was incredibly spacious, had long sightlines and obtained most of its light from natural sources. A departure from the parent company’s aesthetic, it has an industrial feel to it that is softened by a palette of bright tones and a touch of greenery.

In order to magnify the existing sense of spaciousness, the ceiling was opened up to expose its base finished state. Similarly, the entire establishment except for the in-house gym obeys the open office concept so that that there are no boundaries separating management and the staff. Instead, table sizes and unique shapes are used to visually define the borders of each ‘room’. A wide variety of meeting spaces and one large multipurpose area were also incorporated to encourage employee interactions and collaborations. Should the need for privacy arise, there are enclosed ocean blue and forest green call rooms available for use. Additionally, the conference rooms utilise a lot of glass which serve as both a decorative choice and makeshift writing boards.

Preventing the office from being an ‘all work and no play’ environment are elements such as the lounge spaces where employees can relax and quirky quotes on the walls. Last but not least, there are two pantries with one being connected to a balcony for better ventilation. Aside from gardening, this place is ideal for a cigarette break as the smell of the smoke will dissipate quickly and not linger inside the office.

Project Location MENARA BOUSTEAD
Project Type OFFICE
Site Area (Sq Ft) 4,397
Completion Date JANUARY 2019

www.indfinitydesign.com.my +603 9283 0992



The reception counter is stationed on wood ef-fect stripe carpet tile and clad in Calacatta Extra marble with hidden lighting that gives interesting shadowing. On the wall, Avalanche White mar-ble slabs are used for its dramatic and dynam-ic visual quality. Etiq Global Advisory, the company name is placed on this wall, artistically underlined with a bronze metallic strip that leads to timber strips backed by a bronze metallic base. The rest of the walls are set in cream with orange plaster lines and black indents. This show-stopping effect is needed as a statement of the company’s confidence in their product. With these colours and little details, their company’s integrity and creative solutions are shown upfront.

Venturing left, an elegant open concept collaborative area. The panty is functional in grey and white cabinetry with steel corners. Two nooks provide a private zone where an individual is able to relax on comfortable white armchairs and utilise the modern side while balancing visibility and privacy. The rest of the space uses a collection of comfortable arm chairs of different shapes and col-ours for contrast against the white wall and creates changing sil-houettes with the blue bar stools and matching high tables with white table tops. The idea is to emulate the Kuala Lumpur city out-line as shown in the window decals in the private area and the actual skyline when the roll-up blinds are lifted.

The space on the right holds several discussion spaces and the man-agement office. Double doors open to an eight-seater boardroom. This room uses a mix of textured gold artiste paint and white lights to present a clearly visible room that is comforting to the eyes. Straight forward, the table is of simple hardwood that is surrounded by eight ergonomic chairs for optimum comfort during long discussions. Pan-elled walls of white are ‘write boards’ that work like white boards for the convenience of the employees. These sit on textured gold artiste paint, giving structure while the metal wall mounted décor brings the room to life. Both the private meeting rooms also feature the details from furniture to lighting and wall décor. The first office also has lux-urious white armchair that gives a touch of luxury, appealing to the subconscious mind of the client. The second office changes the tone slightly by changing the yellow painted wall to bright red. This smaller space also emphasises on décor with a brass foyer table and coat hanger in its niche. It gives out a feeling of intimacy when the client is invited into the personal space of the manager.

Like every other office, this project has an open space desk area for twenty-nine employees. Ergonomic chairs are used for their comfort and the simple design encourages the team to bond and work better together. This area is lit by customised pendant lights that are actually pipes in the workstation.

The seminar hall is designed for comfort with pleasant lights, clean lines and visibility of the glass board where else the side wall dou-bles up as the projection wall. Using fabric effects wallpaper to help soundproof the room, wood slabs and timber effect stripe carpet tiles are also used for the floor. The corrugated featured wall boards are used alongside stainless steel trimmings and black edges. This acts as a special sound insulation treat to absorb the echo produced.

Project Location: KUALA LUMPUR
Site Area (sq. ft.): 2,300
Completion Date: DECEMBER 2019

03 9283 0992


Tucked amongst Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, a high living at one of Banyan Tree’s award-winning brands residence is the ultimate key of an urban sanctuary.

Amongst the suites attainable from the luxury Banyan Tree Residences, only one suite number is favoured; inheriting the charter with its interior helmed by dynamic and creative team of eleven years, inD’finity Interior.

Tailor-made for the individual who has achieved an affluent stature in life, this unit is undeniably an urbanite living made on cloud nine where every minute detail is carefully curated to fit the lifestyle of an individual who has a taste for the finer things in life. The suite goes along the conception of such opulence with clean lines and a contemporary design approach. The ambience created is much like an indulged stay waiting after a long day exploring around the city or a business meeting has ended.

The door opens with a beep and the lights at the hallway automatically switched on. Operated with a smart home system, the suite’s security is left in the safe hands of a reliable electronic butler. The shoe rack is placed on either sides of the full-length mirror while the centre conceals a storage space to store away household products. Equipped with sensor lighting system, anytime a door is opened, it illuminates making it easy for one to reach for a pair of shoes or more.

As one walks down the hallway, the suite is revelled for its breath-taking cityscapes view as one take a good glance around. Brightly-lit, the floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural lighting to fill the space with its radiance. As a matter of fact, the suite is inspired by the play of sun throughout the day.

The warmth drop of sunlight is like a touch of heaven, exuding its tranquillity within the luxurious vibes. Thus, the designer decided to work with the beautiful summery wood tones which dominates the entire palette. The living space and the home office are positioned on an elevated and curved red elm hand crafted natural timber flooring with UV coating and EO board. A splendid idea, the raised deck not only establishes hierarchy within the space but the play of height certainly creates overlooking views, a memorable picture.

Made to impress, the elm wood veneer cabinet with UV coating and EO board at the home office flatters as the feature foreground, where it is arrayed in certain arrangement resulting a shelf display of uneven pocket spaces that is one-of-its-kind. A collection of vintage vinyl records, books, and CDs reveals that the homeowner has a penchant for old-world glamour, and an appreciation for uniqueness that is unparalleled.


An already palatial abode is made even more opulent on the inside and outside with a mixture of distinctive décor elements, a well-planned layout and out-of-the-box solutions.

Blessed with acres of verdant greenery and sparkling lakes, Bandar Tasik Puteri is an integrated township that represents an escape from the stresses of daily life. Although this was what drew them to live here in the first place, a resident of this development wished for their bungalow to be the ultimate retreat. As such, they recruited the inD’finity Design team to turn their residence into a space that was both home and haven. The team embraced its task to the fullest, reimagining not only the interior of the abode but the exterior as well.

Project Type: BUNGALOW
Site Area (sq ft): 7,791
Property Developer: LOW YAt GROUP
Completion Date: DECEMBER 2018

03 9283 0992

Firstly, the façade of this modern house was spiced up with several shiny gold fins that help it subtly distinguish itself in the neighbourhood. Adding to this effect are the old-fashioned ventilation blocks and red-brick sections that make up select parts of the outside walls. As the homeowner is someone who frequently has guests over but also values their privacy, a staircase leading to the first floor was built into the side of the structure. This enables visitors to access the formal social space there directly without setting foot into the owner’s personal living quarters.

Connected to the main residence by a short covered walkway, a one-storey ‘mansion’ serves as a retreat within a retreat. The decision to style it in such a way that it resembles a rustic cottage complete with horizontal wood panels covering one side only serves to accentuate this impression. Housed here are the AV room and the gym room which has a clear view of the swimming pool and outdoor activities area thanks to its large glass door and windows.

IND' DESIGN | 每天回家都像在度假

每天回家都像在度假 记得那天,见了该客户收到了这样的信息 要什么设计概念怎么做,你去帮我解决,我相信你!客户带着坚决的语气说道

【 家是你的避风港还是逼疯港呢 】

家是最溫暖的「避風港」一個溫暖又可以信賴的地方 隨著目前生活型態的改變,环境问题包括环境污染和生态破坏,给人类带来各种疾病。


随着近年来环境的恶化,对人们健康的影响越来越大,皮肤病、咳嗽、哮喘患者的不断增加,都和恶劣的生活环境和污浊的空气有很大的关系。 当健康成为人们生活的主题,健康饮食、健康呼吸、健康产品都频频出现在各大市场。 ...


Program Anugerah "Golden Brand Award" anjuran Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN) 🌀马来西亚消费人行动议会🌀"消费者推荐奖"由Majlis Tindakan Pengguna...


For this design, our purpose was to maximize the space while creating a comforting modern fascinating rolex cellini copy uk house in which owners feel physically and mentally at peace. https://www.reefwatches.com We...