Our Services

InD’finity Design has a good blend of Chinese and Malay clientele. As required in all Interior

Designing experts, InD’finity Design also imposes the basic understanding of Fengshui and the

mixed of local traditional cultures in its projects when necessary.

Neiviv at The Gardens, Mid Valley City, was the first and one of the many proud projects completed

by InD’finitiy Design.

Filled with young, daring, skilled and talented interior designers, InD’finity Design offers a full

range of interior and architectural designs, according to the ISO standards and guidelines, including:

1. Internal Space Planning

2. Conceptual Design – Inclusive of the selection of hard finishing, loose FF&E, decorative lighting,

artwork and accessories.

3. Schematic Design & Design Development - The production of a full dimension and coordinated

schematic design package, including the reflection of ceiling plans and elevations.

4. Detailed Interior Design Documentation - Comprehensive and detailed construction drawing and

package, including full technical specification on documentation for the design element.

5. Tender Coordination & Evaluation

6. Construction, Installation & Site Supervision

7. Cost & Schedule Control


InD’finity Design pledged to continue to improve their services and develop greater achievements

through the combination of great talents by inducing new blood and greater talents from the industry. 

InD’finity Design 兼具了不同文化的客户。使InD’finity Design团队在风水上有了一些简单的了解,


位于谷中城里的Neiviv家具店和 Avenue K- Presto Mart超市,便是InD'finitiy Design引以为傲之作之一。

InD’finity Design充满着年轻,大胆,熟练和有才华的室内设计师,以便提供全方位的室内和建筑设计,


1. 内部空间规划

2. 设计概念- 含盖装修,硬体以及软装饰品设计,照明装饰,艺术品和饰品的选择。

3. 方案设计和扩初设计 - 全尺寸的生产和协调的原理图设计方案,包括天花板平面和立面的反射。

4. 详细的室内设计文档 - 全面详细的施工图纸和方案,其中包括为设计元素的文档完整的技术规范。

5. 投标协调与评估

6. 施工,安装及现场监理

7. 成本和进度控制

InD’finity Design 承诺继续通过诱导新血和更多的优秀人才从事行业改善服务和发展,通过优秀的人才相互结合,引领更大成就