About Us


Founded by a young and passionate Interior Design graduate, Darren Gan, the eight years old (2009) InD'finity Design (M) Sdn Bhd represents the infinite combination of designs and concepts that give one the satisfaction and pride of owning a home instead of just a house.


The “D” in “InD’finity” symbolized the first letter of the word “Design” as well as the owner’s name. Having fully trained and exposed - from drawings, ground works, job sites to dealing with suppliers and contractors, Darren, felt that it was time for him to come out on his own, putting his name on the signboard eight (2009) years ago. Bringing with him, was his strong foundation in the industry, and the ISO knowledge he obtained during his previous experience.

With great vision and passion from the team, InD'finity Design determines to grow from the current four members into a reputable Interior Designing firm with 40 talented and qualified personnel in various areas. While this objective may take a while to materialize, the team is confident that the company will grow to 20 members within the next three to four years.

Run and supported by a group of energetic and creative team, InD'finity Design aims to gather creative ideas by working with young, passionate, devoted and committed designers who wish to transform the innovation world of design with the latest understanding in the design world, together with the knowledge they have obtained in architectural build-up and conceptual formulation.

With these innovative and creative ideas, we will then transform them into display of products, blending traditional concepts with contemporary presentation, mixing bright colours with dark contours, presenting to you, what is known to be the first and only, customized to your own interest and according to your personality – Your InD’finity Designed Home/Establishment, turning your dream into reality!”



To become the leader in the industry, representing renowned designers and creative firms at the forefront, and ensuring our internal public is well protected with sincere care and lucrative compensation packages at the backend.


  • Position InD'finity Design (M) Sdn Bhd as a one-stop design house, offering the best solution to everyone who has the interest to turn their house into their dream home or their office into a working community.

  • Educate and create awareness on home and office designs, breaking borders and changing mindsets, meeting the East with the West in designs while enriching lives by blending in different cultures and lifestyles through interior designing.

  • Grow and continue to expand through the renewal of knowledge and skill in designs from time to time, following the mix-match in cultures and trends.


  • We pledge to work towards achieving zero defects and complain

  • We have high respect for our clients and ourselves, and understand the importance of time in the business world, hence limiting the chances of delay in submission of proposals and completion of projects.


Darren Gan
Managing Director
Young and passionate interior design graduation, strong foundation in the certain industry, ISO knowledge with interior design &  understanding in overall process of project management and costing.

Esuang Tang
Senior Interior Designer
With a full and strong knowledge and experience based on field for interior & interior architecture design concept, detailing, technical and design procedure.

Michael Choong
Project Designer
With a passion and studious character on interior design filed. Hope can explore more on design & built construction.

Ken Low
Project Designer

Jill Chan

Elaine Loi
Account /Admin

Eva Tam
Sales Marketing

Full experiences & skills on construction works.






InD’finity Design(马) 私人有限公司,简称InD’, 是由一个年轻而充满对室内设计热诚的设计师 Darren Gan于2009年成立,至今InD’finty Design在市场上已有8年。

在“InD'finity”中的“D”是代表“Design设计”以及“Darren”的标志。Darren在充分的培训和揣摩 造就了他有能力 一手包办从设计概念到建筑动工。就在近2008年他觉得是时候让他来为自己换个位置,借凭着他拥有ISO的知识和资深的经验开创,奠定坚实这一路来的基础。

InD’ 抱着理想和热诚,从目前的七名成员成长为一个著名的室内设计公司。虽然这个目标可能需要一段时间才能实现,但inD’团队有信心在未来的不久之内将整个设计团队增大。

InD’ 由一群充满活力和创造力的团队支持。就凭着InD' 拥有着年轻,热情,忠诚和承诺的设计师来改造世界的创新设计与对室内设计最新的理解,在设计界合作,收集创意,连同专业的知识建筑积聚和概念而制。


要成为行业中的佼佼者,代表著名的设计师和创意公司走在了前列,并确保我们的内部人士与团队的保护与真诚的关怀和有品质的生活待遇 (WORK HARD PLAY HARD)。

InD'finity Design(马)私人有限公司作为一个一站式的设计公司,专提供给顾客最好的解决方案去把他们的房子变成自己的梦想家园,或是把他们自己的办公室变成一个发挥专业及富有活力的办公室。 教育和创造意识的家园和办公室的设计,跨越国界,改变心态,满足东方与西方的设计,同时通过室内设计在不同的文化和生活方式的融合下让生活丰富了起来。 成长就必须要继续通过设计知识和新技能来更新拓展以便能争取到机会,并匹配混合的文化和最新的发展趋势。

我们承诺努力的实现零缺陷和零投诉。 我们用有崇高的敬意来对待我们的每一位客户以及在职的每一位同事和对他们的承诺。我们理解时间在商业世界的重要性,因此在有限的时间内提交无瑕疵的项目。

InD’finity Design 创办人Darren Gan毕业于马来西亚艺术学院,他是位年轻而富有热诚的室内设计毕业生,在这行业的雄厚基础,对室内设计的理解在项目管理和成本计算及对ISO知识的了解。带领着公司精英设计团队不断提高项目运营经验、设计能力、团队配合能力及项目服务质量同时将开非内部形成企业模式化管理、工作室一对一服务的顾问模式。inD’资深室内设计师,基于领域全面拥有强大的室内知识和有着丰富的深化设计项目管理经验,为室外和室内建筑设计理念,细节,技术和设计的过程,设计项目指导、服务模式体验优化。